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My dry wild corner

Gardens are much more alive with insects, birds and animals in it.  The sounds of the birds chirping, the buzz of the bees, watching butterflies flit around all make gardens magical.

We are lucky enough to have wild ducks, moorhens and pheasants hiding in the trees and bushes, they come out foraging for food during the day, common and great-crested newts in and around the pond and the occasional montjac deer in early mornings nibbling at the young trees – and that’s all fine, live and let live.  One year we had a pair of Canadian geese who raised 5 goslings, I was less thrilled about that – as they poop once every five minutes that part of the garden was getting messy – happily one day they just disappeared and when the pair returned the following year, next door had got a new dog who knew who belonged in the garden and who didn’t – so though they hung around for a couple of weeks landing and looking around, the dog tried chasing them back to Canada and they haven’t returned since.

Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes – wild areas.

So, I tolerate nettles in parts of the garden (not everywhere, I’m not mad!), don’t fastidiously tidy up, allow branches and leaves to rot on the ground in the wooded areas, have an area overrun by brambles and I have my dry, wild corner – a great place to throw unwanted bricks, broken pots etc.  Hopefully the toads, beetles, spiders and newts like it – I am sure the snails do (its a long way from any garden flowers or veg) – all part of sharing my garden with the rest of the animal kingdom where they can get a bit of rest, a bit of shelter and perhaps the newts can sunbathe in the summer sunshine

dry wild area

Dry wild area