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Planting out in the fern garden / petrified forest

My little corner fern garden is improving as the ferns grow larger each year.  The trunks of the trees are whitening with age, though like most beds, it could always do with more.

Last September I bought some leptinella Platt’s Black, you may remember that my blog entry from January showed the quick and easy way I propagated some more from the roots that simply fell off as I took them out of their pots and split them in half.  

Well, this is the photo from a couple of weeks ago and now I have planted them out between the ferns to increase the ground cover in my petrified forest.  I think the photos speak for themselves, the terms will continue to grow all summer, of course, and the fronds spread out and downwards, meanwhile if you look hard at the photo you can see the petrinella itself,

it is at ground level and some of them are already spreading, I hope over time they will create large mats of cover, matching in with the ferns.

By the way; if you are wondering where I got the trunks from, they are mainly cut branches from a few trees that had grown into interesting shapes along with a couple of trunks from the trees that were in this area of the garden when we moved in that Dave G and I chopped down around two years ago – thanks Dave,


Petrinella Platt’s Black


Petrified forest – March


Petrified Forest – May



Petrified trunks