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New Peach Tree – One for my cold garden

I love peach tree blossom, though I probably love almond blossom even more, I had an almond once, but let it die one winter – hopefully the peach will be happy, I will try harder to keep it alive.

As I am sure you know, the peach and almond are from the same family (prunus) as the cherry (also plums and apricots) – what an amazing family to belong to – lovely and pretty, produce great fruit and nuts and small enough to have one in every garden.

So, when I saw some apricots in the garden centre, I knew I had to have one.  But instead of picking the ones most in flower, I decided to choose the one that was actually the last – its got lots of buds and if it flowers later than the others, I am less likely to lose the blossoms in frost – well that’s the plan, anyway.

So, it is a dwarf peach, “Terrace Diamond” and it will live in this pot for a couple of years and in the winter I will bring it inside (either garage or unheated greenhouse) and wrap it up all nice and cosy – you never know, I might sneak it inside if it is going to be really cold.

I love trees!

Peach tree Terrace Diamond

Peach tree Terrace Diamond


Spiral trunk bay trees

A guy came down the drive with these, I just had to have them.

What he really wanted to sell was his van of outside furniture, but then I saw these and we did a great deal.

I have lost bay trees in winters before, so I’ll take better care of these two beauties.  Hopefully I can keep pruning them to look more alike over time, though I don’t need them to be exactly the same – its a garden and this is nature.

Spiral trunk bay trees

Spiral trunk bay trees

Snowdrop circle planted

You may remember I bought 1,000 snowdrops, well a few weeks ago I planted them around my Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa bignonioides), since then I have been watering them with a mild feed every couple of days and look forward to seeing them encircle the tree next year.  We can compare today’s photo with the one next year and see my success (except wet knees, that goes without saying).

Snowdrops around tree

Pollarded Trees

Before pollarding

I have two rows of lime trees on either side of the driveway. The were generating large amounts of shade and as lime trees themselves are pretty dull (no, I didn’t plant them) and as I like the look of pollarded trees you see so often by the side of canals, I thought I would get them pollarded, so they are all cut at around 2.5M or 8 feet high.

The first pollarding about 3 years ago was conducted by professionals (a good thing too), but last month I pollarded them again. The first year after pollarding they can look a bit bare, but I like the look in subsequent years as thin branches grow and the head of the tree will produce a bulb of top growth. From now on, I intend to pollard one third of them each year in rotation so that there are always trees in different stages – I’ll upload photos as I go.

After pollarding

FYI: It took around two part-days to pollard the trees using a small petrol chain-saw for the major branches and a hand saw for the small ones.  Tough work up a ladder and in the cold for a few hours – ensuring not to stand back and admire my work or get too tired and chop my hand off!