New Peach Tree – One for my cold garden

I love peach tree blossom, though I probably love almond blossom even more, I had an almond once, but let it die one winter – hopefully the peach will be happy, I will try harder to keep it alive.

As I am sure you know, the peach and almond are from the same family (prunus) as the cherry (also plums and apricots) – what an amazing family to belong to – lovely and pretty, produce great fruit and nuts and small enough to have one in every garden.

So, when I saw some apricots in the garden centre, I knew I had to have one.  But instead of picking the ones most in flower, I decided to choose the one that was actually the last – its got lots of buds and if it flowers later than the others, I am less likely to lose the blossoms in frost – well that’s the plan, anyway.

So, it is a dwarf peach, “Terrace Diamond” and it will live in this pot for a couple of years and in the winter I will bring it inside (either garage or unheated greenhouse) and wrap it up all nice and cosy – you never know, I might sneak it inside if it is going to be really cold.

I love trees!

Peach tree Terrace Diamond

Peach tree Terrace Diamond


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