Pollarded Trees

Before pollarding

I have two rows of lime trees on either side of the driveway. The were generating large amounts of shade and as lime trees themselves are pretty dull (no, I didn’t plant them) and as I like the look of pollarded trees you see so often by the side of canals, I thought I would get them pollarded, so they are all cut at around 2.5M or 8 feet high.

The first pollarding about 3 years ago was conducted by professionals (a good thing too), but last month I pollarded them again. The first year after pollarding they can look a bit bare, but I like the look in subsequent years as thin branches grow and the head of the tree will produce a bulb of top growth. From now on, I intend to pollard one third of them each year in rotation so that there are always trees in different stages – I’ll upload photos as I go.

After pollarding

FYI: It took around two part-days to pollard the trees using a small petrol chain-saw for the major branches and a hand saw for the small ones.  Tough work up a ladder and in the cold for a few hours – ensuring not to stand back and admire my work or get too tired and chop my hand off!


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